SKI YOGHURT Win $1,000 Daily Promotion

This promotion closed on October 22, 2018, 11:59 pm

Congratulations to the following winners who will each receive $1000.

Thank you to all entrants.

R. Bond, VIC 3352

J. Uittenbosch, WA 6535

M. Wishart, SA 5085

L. Qin, NSW 2880

B. Baker, NSW 2770

M. Fawcett, NSW 2015

W. Amor, QLD 4575

J. Carruthers, NSW 2583

P. Ryjoch, SA 5072

M. Gardner, WA 6111

M. Badza, SA 5161

L. Mustard, SA 5355

S. Roo, SA 5016

P. Harris, VIC 3831

J. Vallario, NSW 2208

T. Robar, NSW 2178

V. De Ioris, VIC 3059

K. Moore, SA 5268

R. Hage, SA 5353

B. Anderson, WA 6061

J. Vallario, NSW 2205

Y. Dawjee, QLD 4131

V. Piotto, SA 5074

R. Barber, QLD 4551

A. Vallario, NSW 2208

D. Rogerson, VIC 3500

S. Crawford, VIC 3300

M. Pahl, QLD 4122

K. Tinson

G. Waszewski

L. Frost

W. Darcy

W. Bowden

D. Howard

J. Peacock

C. Mendham

A. Truong

J. Dickens

J. Potter

A. Corrie

A. Ozols

K. Rowe

C. Alfaro

X. Crouch

R. Bramwell

R. Kneebone

M. Whyte

L. Walsh

D. Hoffmeister

Y. Crellin